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from ANPAC® checks
exceeding $27,124,245.31

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Collectible car insurance only from American National
Collectible car insurance
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Dairy Program

Our Commitment to Quality Milk and Meat Products.

ANPAC® provides a full range of coverages, including policies tailored to the specific needs of milk producers. We can advise you on the right type of coverage to best protect your interests, including coverage for antibiotic residues in milk.

SFP 10® Dairy Quality Assurance Credit

By participating in the Milk and Dairy Beef Quality Assurance DQA Program, you demonstrate a commitment to producing the highest quality milk and meat products. As a result, you become eligible for a 15% credit on certain coverages within SFP 10®.

ANPAC® recognizes that raw milk producers who have a current certified DQA Program in place with their veterinarian have a proven record of fewer antibiotic residue claims. The DQA Program assists you in implementing "Best Management Practices" which will help improve quality, while at the same time reducing your costs , thus improving your bottom line.

You can qualify for the DQA Program by:

  • Asking your veterinarian to help you implement the Quality Pays program at your dairy.
  • Sending in your certification/registration card to the DQA Center.
  • Asking your American National agent for the Quality Pays consultation guide and record system.

Quality Pays

The DQA Quality Pays manual is available from your milk handler, your veterinarian, or your American National agent.
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